Success is based on good partnerships

Cases from the area of

Security-related software for EVs

Arandi was commissioned by the Preh GmbH Group to develop the SIL-relevant basic software for the control unit of the new Porsche Taycan.
At the beginning of 2024, the Porsche Taycan was allowed to show off its performance at the Nürburgring, where it set two records. On the one hand, it beat the company’s internal record and on the other, it also outperformed the competitor model, the Tesla S Plaid.

We are very proud to have worked on this great project.

Security-relevant basic software

ARANDI specializes in SIL-relevant basic software. Magna Powertrain GmbH has also commissioned ARANDI for a project for SIL-relevant software.
ARANDI was not only responsible for the development of the software, but also for the error analyses, precise execution of the tests, as well as the proper documentation of the development process.

Safety-related software for China’s first private car manufacturer

ARANDI was commissioned for the safety-relevant basic software directly via Great Wall Motors, the first private automobile manufacturer in China. The difficulty in this project was that RTE and part of RTE had to be adapted manually.

Cases from the “Technologies” area

Prototype for heating monitoring system

Modern times require quick solutions. A fast, first prototype fulfills these requirements and was also the goal of this project. Another team of freelancers needed more time than planned to implement the prototype and the desired features. Why is not known. We at ARANDI Technologies were able to create a working prototype for a complete heating monitoring system for Waver production in a very short time.

Software development for an OBC

ARANDI Technologies not only offers its services in the automotive sector, but has also created the onboard computer for a satellite. The satellite will be used for the continued use of GPS/GALILEO signals for earth observation. Furthermore, a radiation detector on board the satellite will provide new insights and knowledge about solar activity and space weather.
The satellite was launched into space on 10.10.2023 and the software was able to successfully deploy the VHF antenna and solar panels to make first contact.

Prototype for Sunrise Power Booster

There is no such thing as “too far away” at ARANDI Technologies. We strive to serve customers from all over the world and realize projects around the globe. The prototype for a Sunrise Power Booster was successfully tested by us personally in San Francisco, USA. This prototype is designed to improve energy output during periods of solar radiation.